Annual Accounts 2019-20

At the end of each Financial Year, the Parish Council has it’s accounts internally and externally audited as per the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 sections 26 and 27 and The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 (SI2015/234). Here are the documents for the year 2019/20

Grafty Green/ Maidstone school journeys as becoming S89 for school children only

Dear All East of Maidstone Transport Group Urgent Update Further to my recent update I feel it important to draw to your attention to the changes that I have been made aware of by members to the School Services which clearly effect the regular Arriva service 59. From September the Grafty Green/ Maidstone school journeys […]

Ulcombe Parish Council Recreation Ground

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch recently. Please be advised that the parish council is currently seeking legal advice regarding the situation on the recreation ground. Cllr’s Kenward and Lingwood are coordinating the parish council response and should be the first point of contact if you have any concerns.. Their contact details […]

Ulcombe Village News May 2020

A Note From the Editor  As last month I have tried to ensure that everything is correct at time of publication but as you all know things are constantly changing. As much of our usual content has disappeared some of our readers and contributors have been digging into their records to give us a taste […]

Ulcombe Newsletter – April 2020

A Note From the Editor What a month! When I sat down and put together the March newsletter I could not have imagined what has happened since. The village newsletter has been a partial casualty of the new measures we are living under. We are not able to deliver paper copies this month but hopefully […]